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About Me

A fellow baseball park visitor suggested I put a little blurb on this site about who I am, how I got started in this hobby, and what my goals are. So here it is, Joe.....

I currently (Apr, 2014) live in Castle Rock, CO. It's between Denver and Colorado Springs.

I began the hobby of visiting baseball stadiums in the 1996/1997 timeframe. After I had moved to Greenville, SC. Originally, I'm from Long Island, NY.

I began enjoying the game of baseball in the early 90's. I visited Yankee Stadium often during the summer months of the early 90's. Wasn't until I moved to Greenville in 1995 did I even realize minor league baseball existed.

There have been many baseball stadium visits since then.

In 1997, I was fortunate enough to be able to take an 11 week trip across the country visiting a variety of different ballparks. Many of the 'older' pages on this site are a result of that trip.

Here's me at Coors Field, Sept. 28, 2007

Photo courtesy of Joe Mock

I have begun trying to track the number of hockey arenas I've visited.

This, too, began when I moved to the Greenville, SC area and I discovered minor league hockey. This part of my sports travel hobby went on a hiatus after moving to Colorado but has picked up a bit this 2012/2013 season.

My goals:

1. Reach visiting my 200th baseball stadium
2. Reach visiting my 100th hockey arena
3. See the baseball classic at Rickwood Field
4. See that midnight sun game in Alaska

Items I critique when visiting ball parks:

1. Customer service
2. Announcement of starting line up
3. Home fans
4. Ease of getting into park and out of park
5. PA announcer/radio broadcast
6. Music
7. Area around stadium

In 2003, I purchased a digital camera. Hopefully, the photos of stadiums I've visited after that year are clearer on this site than the ones visited prior to then.

This site was originally created using GeoCities web hosting. In 2009, they announced they were no longer going to support GeoCitiesFree. So, I'm copying over all my pages to AngelFire.

During the off season, I visit minor league hockey arenas. Check out my hockey site.


Posted: 4/26/09
Updated: 04/19/14