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New York Yankees


Directions: Call the number above for directions.

General Area in State: On the northern part of Manhattan Island. Not far from the Connecticut border.

Host Hotel: Call the number above for recommendations or contact AAA or your local travel agent.

Date visited: Many times early to mid 1990's and whenever I've been in the area since then.

Ease of getting to; getting in and out of: Horrible, especially if you're driving. You can take the subway there and that's easier. Get a hold of someone who knows the area or check with your hotel concierge, they'll help you with the best way to get to the stadium.

Radio Announcer: Good.

Website: Don't like it. There's something constantly flashing at the bottom of the screen. So annoying I couldn't check it out.. 1/13/02 - I guess there's something to be said about a 'standard' MLB website page layout. Yanks one is displayable now... it's standard.

Customer Service: Okay.


Personal Notes: Attending games at Yankee Stadium is where I began to enjoy the game of baseball. Getting there is a mess, lots of traffic, long drive from where I lived (Long Island), couldn't easily get there via public transportation. But, nonetheless, I went there often.

The crowds at Yankee Stadium are superb. Loud, enthusiastic, entertaining.

I was one of the fortunate ones able to attend David Wells perfect game in 1998. What a treat that was. Talk about the crowds getting into it. What excitement in the stadium, that day!

Excellent foot long hot dogs.

There's a big baseball bat outside one entrance. It's the place where people meet at the stadium. You say, "meet me at the bat," and folks will know exactly where to meet.

The best seats are above home plate (above the net) even if you're high up. You can see the whole field and capture the essence well of a game at this stadium.



Old Yankee Stadium

Photo taken right after David Wells perfect game.


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