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Long Island Ducks

Date Visited: 7/25/02

General Area in State: Eastern LI

Ease of getting in and out: Very easy.

Hotel: Looks like they're going to begin construction on a hotel right next to the ballpark. Sweet. During my visit, I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Hauppauge. It was lovely.

Here's Citibank Park from the outside.

There was nice landscaping and plenty of parking.

Customer Service: Excellent

Website: Pretty decent. Not a lot of things flashing to annoy me. Could easily find the information I was searching for. News is kept current.

Notes: I can't say that I really enjoyed my visit here. I could only get SRO tickets (standing room only), so had to hunt for a vacant seat and move when asked. Every area I sat in appeared to be geared toward (and filled with) with your average family of 1.8 kids. It's not a pleasant day at the ballpark when you have to worry about getting cotton candy in your hair.

I did get to see Mike Glavine. He's a former G-Brave. He played for the visiting team, Somerset Patriots.

It IS a very lovely ballpark. I just didn't really enjoy myself that evening.

Here's the inside of Citibank Park taken at dusk. It has a level of sky boxes across the top of the concourse. The gift shop is call the Waddle In Shop. A clever name. I didn't get a photo of it but the field was immaculate. Green, full, no bare spots. Hats off to the grounds crew.

Posted: July 8, 2009

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