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Colorado Springs, CO

Sky Sox
Pacific Coast League
AAA Affiliate of Colorado Rockies
Sky Sox Stadium
4385 Tutt Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80922


Directions: The best bet for directions is to click on the Sky Sox website link below. Choose the 'Security Service Field' link on top of page then 'Map & Directions'.

General Area in State: Central part of Colorado, about an hour drive south of Denver.

Host Hotel: I camped out at the Garden of the Gods campground when I was in the area so can not recommend a hotel. Call the Sky Sox number above for recommendations or contact AAA or a travel agency.. Within walking distance of the Garden of the Gods campground was the nicest restaurant, Twin Bears at Creekside Inn. I ate outside looking at the mountains. Service and food was wonderful.

Dates visited: 6/22-23/97

Ease of getting to;getting in and out of: Good


The stadium name changed sometime in the early 2000's to Security Service Field. The photo here is unique. The area surrounding the field now contains housing developments and shopping districts. I will try to visit in 2009 and get some photos to compare with this 1997 one.

Radio Announcer: Don't remember

Website: Very good - check it out
Official website: SkySox

10/07 - As with any minor league website these days, they are all the same. No individuality. So, this one is on par with the rest.

Customer Service: Adequate

Personal Notes: I went to two games here. Sky Sox stadium is on top of a mountain. Beautiful blue skies and white puffy clouds were the view from the seats. The stadium is clean; there's plenty to eat; it has an elaborate souvenir shop.

At the first game I went to, four couples got married on the field. Each bride and groom stood on each of the bases, the magistrate or judge stood on the pitcher's mound.

Lots of folks were scoring and listening to the game. More at this stadium than any I've been to.

There were lots of hits, 18 for the Toros (visiting team), 7 for the Sky Sox.

The giveaway at the second game was a team set of baseball cards. Very nice. Dinger Dinosaur was the mascot visiting from the Rockies. That mascot was one of the few I actually enjoy.

It started pouring rain in the 4th inning. I went up to the concourse (as did most of the fans). The concourse did not have enough covered shelter for all the fans. I got real claustrophobic. I left. Five miles (?) away at the bottom of the mountain it hadn't even rained.

Update: Nov 17, 2013 I have since moved to the Colorado area and visit the Sky Sox a few times a season. Here is a review I wrote for Stadium Journey on a visit made in May, 2013.


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