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Detroit Tigers

American League
Tiger Stadium
2121 Trumball Ave
Detroit, MI

Directions: The Tigers no longer play at Tiger Stadium. Check their website below for directions to their new ballpark; Comerica Park..

General Area in State: In the southeastern part of the state; across the lake from Windsor, ON; a five hour drive east of Chicago, IL

Host Hotel: I stayed at the Shorecrest Motor Inn, 1316 Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI, 313-568-3000. It's not fancy but service was exceptional, the rooms were clean, and I felt safe. It had a great diner/breakfast place attached. The furniture was a little outdated. I used it for sleeping so that didn't bother me.

Dates visited: 7/12/97 and 9/25/99 - 9/26/99

Ease of getting to; getting in and out of: I took a taxi there so that was fine. Finding a taxi after the game was tough.

Radio Announcer: Good. Stuck to the game. Called every pitch.

Customer Service: Okay.

Personal Notes: I've been to Tiger Stadium twice. The first time (1997), I didn't see a game but I did take a tour of the ballpark. Very old facility. The dug outs were truly 'dug outs'. They weren't level with the playing field but below it. Can't say the stadium was very picturesque.

The second time I went I saw two games. When I first starting making my plans for the trip, I really wanted to go to Kansas City to see the Royals (Joe Randa). The Royals weren't at home at a convenient time for me to go but they were playing the Tigers at Tiger Stadium the end of the season. Not realizing it, I made plans to go the final home stand at Tiger Stadium. I didn't see the last game but the second and third last games played at the stadium. My claim to fame, I guess.

Tiger Stadium was not geared for good viewing. I was one of the lucky ones who got to sit behind a big steel girder. Needed the radio announcer for that game. I did sit on the third base side and got a good view of Joe. At the other game, I sat way out in right field. About four or five foul balls came my way. The guy in the row behind me caught one. He was so excited; like a little kid. Nice.

The stadium was mobbed and they didn't do a good job at moving people; at getting folks in and out of the stadium. Hope it's better at the new one.

Juan Encarnacion got hit in the face by a pitch. It was horrible. Blood all over the place. They had to drive him out on one of those golf carts. The grounds crew came out and raked up the blood at home plate. He ended up having a broken left cheek bone and a broken nose. Ouch.

Other things to do in the area: Detroit looks like it's on its way to becoming a city to visit. They are doing some renovations in the downtown area. There's a 'people mover' (train) that stops at about 12 places throughout the city. Makes it easy to get around.

The trip I made in 1999 was the first trip I've made where I didn't rent a car. I used public transportation and taxis. Detroit is a good city to do that in. I'd like to go back during hockey season.

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