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New York Mets

National League
Shea Stadium
123-01 Roosevelt Ave
Flushing, NY 11368

Directions: Since this visit, Shea Stadium has been torn down and replaced with CitiField on just about the same spot. Check their website below for directions. You can get there by car or subway.

General Area in State: Located on the western part of Long Island in Queens County.

Host Hotel: Check AAA for hotels in the area that meet your needs.


Date visited: 6/13/99 - I've visited several other times throughout my life.

Ease of getting to; getting in and out of: Horrible. Had an awful time finding out how to get in; had a terrible time getting out. Take the subway if you can.

Radio Announcer: Didn't listen.

Website: Standard. MLB official websites are all the same now. Not a whole lot of variety - comment added 1/13/02

Customer Service: Okay.


Personal Notes: I grew up a Yankee fan not really liking the Mets nor paying much attention to them. That has since changed. I enjoy all baseball now, regardless of the team.

Shea Stadium is not much to write about. As mentioned above, traffic getting in and out is horrendous. I sat way in the outfield, not a great a view. Seats are tight together. Not a lot of room.

It was loud. Lots of planes going overhead.

The East Meadow choir and marching band entertained the crowd before the game.

But with visiting any major league ballpark, it's nice to see the greats. Saw Mike Piazza, Robin Ventura, Rey Ordonez (one of my all time favorites).

I wouldn't choose to make an extra trip to Shea, but when I get to the area in the future, I would certainly visit the ballpark again.


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