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Harrisburg Senators

Harrisburg, PA

Eastern League
AA Affiliate of the Montreal Expos (now the Washington Nationals)
Riverside Stadium (in 2004, name changed to Commerce Bank Park; 7/19/09 - Looks like the name has changed to Metro Bank Park and some major renovations done in 2009)
City Island
Harrisburg, PA 17101

Directions: Check their website below for directions to the ballpark.

General Area in State: Towards the southern part of the state closer to the eastern border but by no means on the eastern border. About 3 1/2 hours southeast of Pittsburgh; 1 1/2 hours or so northwest of Philadelphia.

Host Hotel: Hilton Hotel, One North 2nd St., Harrisburg, PA 17101, 717-233-6000

Date visited: 7/25/97 - 7/26/97

Ease of getting to; getting in and out of: Getting there was pretty easy. Hang out for a while after the game to get out.

Radio Announcer: Didn't listen

Website:Typical. At least there's a history page.

Customer Service: Excellent. One of the better ones. The staff was as polite as could be.

Riverside Stadium
I do not believe I took this photo. Thinking I copied it from the Senators website back in 2000.

Personal Notes: I attended two games on City Island. There were some things I liked and others I didn't.

The ballpark itself is on a tiny island called City Island on the Susquahanna River right outside the city of Harrisburg. About the only thing on the island is the stadium. That was pretty cool. Needless to say, getting off the island after the game took a while. That's why I suggested to hang for a few minutes after the game.

I believe the team is owned and operated by the city of Harrisburg. That may be why it had real good customer service. During the 5th inning, a guy in a tuxedo (looked good) danced in the aisles as he handed across big plastic garbage bags for folks to discard their trash. More stadiums should do that. Hand out garbage bags; dancing is not a requirement.

There was poor 'crowd control' or 'people moving' at Riverside Stadium. There were only one or two exits out of the stadium and that caused lots of pedestrian jams.

The one game I went to was 'Vintage Day'. The Eastern League was celebrating its 75th anniversary. All the players wore vintage uniforms. They looked handsome.

Saw Brad Fullmer play. He was exciting to watch. Such strength coming out of his stance.

The number 42 was retired and posted on the outfield wall. I don't see that at many minor league ballparks. Was impressed the Senators had done that.

Most of the seats were aluminum benches with a bar across the back. Didn't like that. Was a bit uncomfortable.

And, of course, there were the mayflies. Those from the area know exactly what I'm talking about. It just rained mayflies for a period of time. Tiny flies dropping down all over your body; all over the seats and stadium. Disgusting. Wear a hat if you attend a game here. No kidding. It's the best advice I can give anyone who goes to a game here and you'll appreciate it once you experience mayflies.

An amazing thing happened at the one game I went to. It was a bat giveaway night. They made an announcement over the PA asking the kids not to bang the bats on the aluminum benches. Not one single person did after that announcement. I was impressed the whole entire crowd listened and followed the instructions.

Vintage Day. Love those hi-socks!

Harrisburg Senators
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