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During the development of this website I spent much time searching the internet for information and ideas. I found quite a few other sites that offer feedback on stadiums those folks have visited. I also met other people who have created some of their own websites containing information of interest to them.

Below are links to some of those:

img Tribute to Greenville Sports (by Jason Lizotte) - Jason created a website on sports in the Greenville, SC area.

img The Ultimate Sports Road Trip (by Andrew Kulyk and Peter Farrell) - Andrew and Peter travel across North America visiting all major league sports venues, not just baseball. Take the time to visit this site and read the stories they tell. You'll be hooked.

img Joe Mock's Baseball (by Joe Mock) - Joe's site is a must see for those who like to visit minor and major league stadiums. He's got all the bases covered in this site. Check it out. Joe does a great job at having an interactive site with fellow fans.

img Charlie's Big Baseball Parks Page (by Charlie O'Reilly) - Charlie has an extensive website of all parks that he has visited that have been used at one time or another for professional baseball. Another 'must see' for those of us who enjoy visiting ballparks.

img Meg's Hockey Roadtrips (by Meg Minard) - Okay, a plug for myself. This site offers snap shots of roadtrips I've made to a variety of different hockey arenas. It contains adventures I've made to see the wonderful world of hockey in a variety of towns across America.

img Alaska Vacation 2007 (by Meg Minard) - Another plug for myself. Okay... not baseball related but a site on a trip I made to Alaska and the Yukon in 2007.

img Meg's Hockey Road Trip 2004 (by Meg Minard) - Another plug for myself. This is a photo essay/journal on a hockey road trip I took in 2004.

img Andrea and Jim Baseball Road Trip (by Andrea and Jim) - This site not only includes reviews of stadiums they've visited, there is also an excellent review of Lewis and Clark - Voyage of Discovery.

img Baseball Chasers - This site is an interactive site geared towards individuals in pursuit of visiting all 30 MLB ballparks. It contains reviews of stadiums including local hotels to stay at when visiting a particular park. Nicely done.