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Arkansas Travelers  6/9/97
Little Rock, AR
Ray Winder Field at
War Memorial Park
AA Affiliate Cardinals (at the time I went)
Texas League

At the game I went to, both starting pitchers were very tall:  Stein was 6'7", Elarton was 6'8"

The folks at the stadium allowed me to check out the stadium in the afternoon.  Love when I can do that. 

Season ticket holders had their names on the back of their seats.  When you buy a field box ticket, they tell you sit anywhere you wanted.  If the season ticket holder shows up, just move to another seat. 

There was a rain delay.  By the 9th inning, there were 72 fans left (me included).

Ray Winder Field is a pretty ballpark.  Nice green field, two levels of billboards.  A clock on top of the scoreboard.

In the 2007 season, the Travelers opened up in a new ballpark called Dickens-Stephens Park.  I'm not sure what the outcome of Ray Winder Field will be.
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I took this picture when I stopped and visited during the day.  The rain was anticipated.
This one was taken just after the rain delay before the start of the game.

It's a nice looking scoreboard.  It has a little character with the clock and the flags.