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Dodger Stadium
Los Angeles Dodgers
1000 Elysian Park Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012

National League

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Dates Visted: 9/2-3/2006
Website: The same as any other in the major leagues
Official Website


Here's a snapshot from where I was sitting.

A nice view of the entire field, as well as a gorgeous view of the San Gabriel Mountains. My photography skills do not do it justice.

Ease of getting in / out: Awful.

I didn't even drive and it was horrendous. I took a cab both days I attended a game. The one day, the cab driver almost got arrested while driving into the stadium. He was yelling at the police officer. I just wanted to leave that car and walk up to the stadium. Which is what I did after the yelling match. Traffic was tremendously backed up getting out of the stadium. Took 1/2 hour or more to get a cab from the 76 gas station to leave the park. (Yes, there actually is a 76 gas station in the parking lot.)

There is no public transportation to/from the ballpark (or it is not easily identifiable). Shame on the city of Los Angeles for that.


Here's the outside of the stadium taken from center field. I sat about 10-15 rows up on the third level between the two most right palm trees in this photo (which is really the center of the photo).

And there's Rafael painted on the end of the concourse.

Customer Service:

It was okay. Some individuals were more attentive and friendly than others. Think I'm spoiled by the excellent service at Coors Field.

Personal Notes:

Dodger Stadium itself provides beautiful scenery and excellent baseball.

I went there to visit a new stadium (one I had not been to before) and watch the Dodgers/Rockies. First game, the Dodgers pelted the Rockies 14 - 5. Second game the Rockies pelted the Dodgers 12 - 5.

One could not stroll around the stadium except for the section for which you had a ticket. All amenities were provided in each section (I'll assume). Sometimes it is nice to be able to check out and take photos from a variety of different sections. Based on your seating assignment, you could only enter the stadium from one entry way. The line to get in on the Saturday game was tremendously long.

The Dodger Dog was not up to its name sake. I didn't like it. Threw it out after a few bites.

Fans were hospitable, faithful, and loud (that's a good thing). I sat in the middle of a group of folks who were in the 'film business'. Whatever that means.

Although I was glad to get to see Dodger Stadium, I would not choose to go back there specifically for a game.


Here's a better view of the mountains.

A nice view of the entire field, as well as a gorgeous view of the San Gabriel Mountains. My photography skills do not do it justice.

Here's the famous Think Blue sign. Left center side of photo.

Some fans were dressed up in blue. Notice the Dodger's players photos are posted on the columns of the concourse. It may be kind of hard to see in this photo.

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