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Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee Brewers
American League (at the time I went)
County Stadium

Directions: I don't remember. And it doesn't matter much. In early 2001, County Stadium was demolished to make room for the Milwaukee's newest ballpark: Miller Field. Click on the official website link below for directions to Miller Field.

General Area in State: Southeastern border along Lake Michigan. About a 2 hour drive north from Chicago.

Host Hotel: There are tons of hotels to choose from. Your best bet is to call the Brewers number above and ask for recommendations. You can also go to USA Lodging and find one from there.

They provided maps of parking areas where one could tailgate before and after the game. Pretty cool.

Date visited: 6/16/97

Ease of getting to; getting in and out of: Mediocre for a major league team

Website: Decent

Customer Service: Okay

Personal Notes: Had the greatest time. Met Steve. Fell in love. Didn't get his last name or phone number. C'est la vie. Miller Park was in construction in the background. County Stadium encouraged tailgating. Froze to death.

Not the greatest picture I've taken of a ballpark. It gives you an indication of how close my seat was to the playing field. You can also see the cranes behind left/center field where the building of Miller Park had begun.

Milwaukee Brewers
Miller Brewing Company Tour

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