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Les Capitals de Quebec

Quebec City, PQ

Northern League
Stade de Quebec
100 rue du Cardinal Maurice-Roy
Quebec, Quebec G1K8Z1

Directions: Take autoroute 40, then 440 (Charest) into Basse-Ville. Turn left on Couronne (Highway 173), go 1/2 mile. Ballpark is on the left in Victoria Park.

General Area in State: The city of Quebec is north along the St. Lawrence River, about a 3 hour drive north of Montreal.

Host Hotel: Check AAA, CAA or your local travel agent for hotels in the area that meet your needs.

Le Stade. It's an older structure. This is the front entrance way.

Date visited: 7/10/00

Ease of getting to; getting in and out of: Wasn't too bad. Got lost getting out but just retraced my route and I was fine.

Radio Announcer: Didn't listen. Wouldn't have understood it.

Website: Okay. You can see it in French and/or English. That was cool. 8/2008 - Well I can't figure out how to display it in English anymore. If anyone finds out, let me know the trick!

Official website: Les Capitales

Customer Service: Good. French is the primary language in Quebec (of which I know about three words). Hot dog and peanuts are not included in those three. There was a wonderful gentleman in line next to me who was bi-lingual. He helped me place my order.

Outside Le Stade. Don't let the blue sky and sun shining down fool you. It got cold that evening.

Personal Notes: The Northern League is an independent league; meaning, the teams are not affiliated with any major league team. Baseball is just as exciting to watch.

The game I went to was a blowout. Capitales beat the Lumberjacks 13 - 1.

The stadium had a manual scoreboard. A scoreboard operator sat on the ledge of the scoreboard and manually posted hits, errors, and runs by placing prenumbered cards in appropriate slots. The balls/strikes were electronic (red dots). I was intrigued by that. There was a fake chicken on the scoreboard that stored the 0's. They were eggs. The scoreboard operator pulled an 'egg' out of the chicken for a 0 (zero runs in the inning for the visiting team).

During the 5th inning, the grounds crew didn't replace the bases, but brought out a broom and swept the existing ones off. First time I've seen that.

There was one level of billboards across the outfield.

This isn't the best picture I've taken. If you look closely, you'll see the scoreboard operator sitting under the number 10. The chicken is on the far left above the team names.

The fan base was mostly adult men. A few couples, very few families. Hardly any women. That surprised me. At most other games I've attended, it's very much geared towards families.

Here's a little French for those who care to know.
Balls = Balles
Strikes = Prises
Outs = Retraits

The concession had excellent hot dogs. They were in a toasted bun vs. a roll.

Right field view. The bullpens were in foul territory up beyond the first and third bases. The two players in this picture are standing near the bullpen mound.

Here are the seats behind the home plate. That box with the four windows in it is the press box.

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