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Richmond Braves

The Diamond

Beginning in 2009, the Richmond Braves move to Gwinnett, GA and became the Gwinnett Braves. Beginning that same season, the Richmond Flying Squirrels took occupancy of 'The Diamond'.

Directions: I-95 to exit 78 (Boulevard exit). The Diamond is two blocks south after exiting.

General Area in State: A little east of the center of the state. A 7 hour drive from Greenville, SC.

Host Hotel: I don't know the host hotel, but the Holiday Inn-Central is within walking distance of the ballpark and is reasonable, clean, safe, and just fine.
804-359-9441. Holiday Inn

Date visited: 8/13/97

Ease of getting to; getting in and out of: Excellent. I stayed at the Holiday Inn mentioned above. Walked to the stadium.

Radio Announcer: Acceptable. Not as good as Mark Hauser but decent enough.

Website: Fair, has outdated stats and typos. The site is 'clean' without advertisements and alot of junk. See 8/18/09 notes below.

Customer Service: Okay

Personal Notes: Got to see lots of former G-Braves players. I enjoyed my visit here because of that.

The Diamond is big, two levels. There's a screen across the top of the dugout. Only the sky boxes had real seats. The rest were aluminum benches with backs.

Good concession area with a large variety of foods to choose from.

Nice scorecard. Had a newsletter and articles inside. Starting lineup was posted.

Lots of bugs.

The music level was perfect.

8/18/09 Notes: Beginning the 2009 season, the Richmond Braves moved to Gwinnett, GA and became the Gwinnett Braves. They are still the AAA of the Atlanta Braves. I do not know if The Diamond is still in existance or not.

For those who have never attended a minor league ballpark, quite often the starting line up is posted on a whiteboard (like the one here.

The Braves or Red Sox fans out there might recognize some of these names.

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