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Trenton Thunder

Date visited: 7/24/02

Ease of getting in and out: Traffic was horrendous getting out of the park. The roads in Trenton are not easy to figure out if you're not from the area.

Directions: Here's a link to get the directions (that's easier than typing it all here). Directions to ballpark

Host Hotel: There are no hotels in Trenton. According to the website, the host hotel is McIntosh Inn, Lawrenceville, NJ 609-896-3700. I didn't stay there so can't comment.

Customer Service: Good. They allowed me in before the game to take photos and watch the grounds crew. Nice.

Here's the outside of WaterFront Park. It was nicely landscaped. This photo is awful. If I ever get back to this stadium, I'll take a better photo.

Website: It's okay. I've seen worse; I've seen better. Lots of things flashing. If I see another bobblehead advertisement, I'm just going to scream.
7/2008 - I actually like it now. It's different. Not the 'standard' minor league website lay out. Nice job.
12/26/12 - They're all the same now. They do have an 'Independent Blog Coverage link' under their News section which I have not seen very often.

Personal Notes:

I had a great time here. I met some hockey friends for this game. I think just watching a game with someone I knew made it great.

Jerry Salzano plays for the Thunder. He's a former G-Brave. He plays left field for the Thunder; he played third base when he was in Greenville.

The Thunder had a unique game for all fans to play. It was a baseball bingo game. Each square on the bingo card represented a play that could happen in the game, e.g., 2nd baseman strikes out is O71, right fielder doubles is G58.

The game itself was exciting. It was 0-0 in the bottom of the 9th inning, 2 outs, 2 strikes, 2 on base. The batter (Andy Dominique) got a hit and drove in the only and winning run of the game. Trenton beat the B-Mets 1-0.

Waterfront Park is one of the nicest minor league ballparks I've been to. It's right on the Delaware River (you can see the river from the stands.) There's a boat dock where one can drive their boat to the game. There are two levels of seating with a small walkway between. The concourse is on top of the seating and you can see the game from the concourse.

Here's the seating arrangement inside WaterFront Park. You can see the two levels and the small walkway. There are three numbers retired (above the press box). I recognize Jackie Robinson's #42, but don't know the others. 7/2008 - Thanks to Charlie O'Reilly -here's information on the other numbers. #34 is Tony Clark, the first player the Thunder had who made it to the big leagues. #5 is Nomar Garciaparra

Here's the field. You can see the Delaware River over the right field wall. There was one level of billboards on the right field side (to see the river). There were four levels of billboards on the left field side (to prevent home runs hitting cars on the road that runs right behind it.)

Here's a closer view of the river. Just a beautiful setting for a ballpark. This was taken during batting practice. You can see the dugout in this photo as well. I sat over on the first base side the game I went to here.

Here's the dock along the river where one can drive their boat to the game.

These are my hockey friends I met for the game. Juan, Bob, Larry. We met at a restaurant/club called KatManDu before the game and had dinner. This place was walking distance to the stadium. Very nice.

Trenton Thunder
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