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Adelaide Bite

Date Visited:

Thur, 11/28/13 (Thanksgiving in the US)

Official Website:

Adelaide Bite

Stadium Journey Review:

Norwood Oval

Adelaide is quite a nice city to visit. It's not huge like Sydney or Melbourne. It's got a happening downtown area and a relatively easy public transit system known as Adelaide Metro. If time permits, be sure to take the tram to to Glenelg, a quaint seaside resort town with spectacular white sandy beaches, a pier, art galleries, restaurants, and bars.

Here's the entranceway to Norwood Oval. The stadium opened in 1951.

It is also known as Coopers Stadium (Coopers is Australia's largest brewery and is based just outside Adelaide). The venue is shared with the Redlegs, a team of the South Australian National Football League.

There is a bus stop directly at the stadium (almost behind from where this photo was taken).

Under the third base seating area, there is a bar that serves adult beverages. Even better, it displays all kinds of trophies, plaques, and photos of historical teams and moments (most - maybe all - are not related to the Bite). If you're into looking at historical items, this is a place to visit when attending a game.

Norwood Oval is designed for football. For the baseball season, the Bite has to build up the pitcher’s mound and place dirt for the bases in the oval. They put in temporary dugouts and bullpens, as well as foul poles and outfield walls. There is no dirt between the bases, just grass. The stadium arrangement is awkward as a baseball field.

Do note the beautiful jacaranda trees beyond the right field foul area.

This is down the first base side. You can see the temporary dugout and bullpen. The seating must be something for the football games.

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