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AFL Trip - Nov, 2008

Sat, 11/8 - Travel to Phoenix - Mesa Game
Sun, 11/9 - Visit w/Radhi and Jim
Mon, 11/10 - Peoria Game
Tues, 11/11 - Surprise-Phoenix Games
Wed, 11/12 - Mesa - Scottsdale Games
Thurs, 11/13 - Phoenix - Peoria Games
Fri, 11/14 - Phoenix - Scottsdale Games
Sat, 11/15 - Surprise - Mesa Games
Sun, 11/16 - Travel Home / Trip Summary

This Sunday, I spent the day with Radhi and Jim. Radhi gave me the tour of their new home, yard, and town.

Radhi and I had lunch at El Encanto - a Mexican restaurant, while Jim stayed home and watched football.

We all experienced a rare rain/hail storm that afternoon.

No baseball this day.

Here's Radhi at El Encanto. This restaurant had an indoor eating area as well as an outdoor eating area. It had a pond with ducks and other wildlife (seen here). Quite a nice setting for having lunch.

Here's me at the same restaurant. Trees and pond in the background.

I'm not sunburned yet having been to only one night game so far.

Here're some photos of downtown Cave Creek, AZ.

The town had a Frontier area (small shops in an old town setting) as well as many other points of interest.

It was an eclectic setting with artists, retirees, and others in the town. Quite nice.

The Frontier area (across the street from El Encanto). It was mostly shops for tourists.

One of those outdoor 'ovens'.

And, of course, Big Earl's - Greasy Eats. 50's / 60's drive in motif.

After the rain/hail storm in AZ.

Saguaro in Radhi's backyard. This one is old as denoted by its many arms.

Radhi and Jim on their back porch.

Radhi and Meg with saguaro in background after the rain storm. Nice photo, Jim!

Radhi and Jim's backyard after the rain storm. There is a nice rainbow but my photo didn't pick it up well.

Ohno with muddy paws after the rain storm.

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