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AFL Trip - Nov, 2008

Sat, 11/8 - Travel to Phoenix - Mesa Game
Sun, 11/9 - Visit w/Radhi and Jim
Mon, 11/10 - Peoria Game
Tues, 11/11 - Surprise-Phoenix Games
Wed, 11/12 - Mesa - Scottsdale Games
Thurs, 11/13 - Phoenix - Peoria Games
Fri, 11/14 - Phoenix - Scottsdale Games
Sat, 11/15 - Surprise - Mesa Games
Sun, 11/16 - Travel Home / Trip Summary

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Friday was local (from where I saw staying). A game at Phoenix Muni (2.2 miles from where I was staying); then the evening game in Scottsdale (3.56 miles from my hotel).

Here's a grounds crew member painting the line down the 3rd base side. If memory serves me correctly, they water down the baseline before painting.

Here's the same guy painting home plate. I wonder how many cans of paint they go through for each game?

The first game I saw the Solar Sox vs the Desert Dogs. Sean West of the Solar Sox (LHP for FLA organization) pitched an excellent 5 innings, giving up no runs.

I'm not sure why I took this photo. It's a nice view of the home dugout as well as an indication of how few people were in attendance.

Here's another with a similar view. This time the planes are taking off from the Phoenix airport. Later on, around the 7th inning, the flight paths must have changed because they started landing from over 1st base side.

There was no bat boy at this game. The players, coaches, and even umpires were picking up the balls and bats. I had not seen that before.

A fan in the stands offered to do the job but there were no takers.

The Solar Sox ended up winning this one with a score of 15 - 7. These two teams ended up playing each other in the championship game.

The only stadium I've been to where they have a pencil holder.

One of the more difficult scoreboards to read.

Friday evening, I went back to Scottsdale Stadium and watched the Saguaros take on the Scorpions.

At this game, I hung out with Cindy. She's a Diamondbacks fan and usually brings goodies and snacks for the players. She also hand makes beautiful flags and waves them around to support the players and team. And, she was just a fun person to hang out with. I'm glad I got the opportunity to meet her.

Here's a closer shot of the Scorpion logo behind home plate. Not my favorite logo of the six teams but, as mentioned previously, the only one painted in the grass behind the plate.

The Saguaros won this game 8 - 0 in a finely pitched game: Cory Van Allen (LHP of the WAS organization), Jason Vargas (NYM organization), and Tobi Stoner (NYM organization).

Attendance at this game = 507

We had a nice view of the moon over center field.

This was the only stadium where as I was entering the stadium I was asked if I had food in my bag. Both times I was here I was asked that. And at this game, they played music between pitches. That was quite, quite annoying to me.

And this was something I had not seen before. After the game, the players' bus was in the outfield. I have seen the buses in the parking lots before but never in the outfield as shown above.

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